Renate & Larry's Wedding Day
October 28, 2008 - Chanhassan, Minnesota - The Temple of ECK

Painting by Erika Holl - Holl Design -

The following photos by Bree Renz
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At the Temple of ECK

Wedding Preparations

We decided to get married in the lovely, warm ponchos I brought us from Quito, Equador last winter. Good choice!

The Wedding Table - Water, fire, ceremony text and Renate's special rose

ECK Cleric Catherine Kirk Chase summons Renate & Larry with her drumbeat

The Bride and Groom Approach the Altar

Greeting our 1st guardian, Wolfram Federschmidt

The Ceremony
2nd guardian, Mark Alexander stands just beyond us and witness, Anne Archer Butcher, to the far left.
Bree Renz, our 2nd witness is taking the picture.

"Now Rise and go, for your feet are firmly planted upon the path of God.
Live in joy, peace, and love. Go and prepare yourselves for life together!"
(Closing words of the ECK Wedding Ceremony)

In the chapel at the Temple of ECK to greet friends and sing HU*

The Following Pictures by Peter Winterling

* HU is a name for God, which when sung as a prayer or in time of need, initiates contact with the Light of God and the Divine Sound Current

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